Character Sheets


FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS AND SEE ART BELOW: I’m not that picky about the personality or style. Left for historical reasons.

Dax is a fun-loving wolf. He has a tuft of messy “orange” hair that extends along his head and back toward his tail, which is long and black-tipped. His face is white with a bit of orange around his golden-colored eyes, with a white patch that extends down into a shaggy white chest and finally ends just between his legs. He has white paws, with black claws and pawpads.

His passion is dancing—swing dancing—and with that he can be seen in a riding cap or black fedora, particularly one with a smart-looking feather in it. Having a good sense of humor, Dax laughs often, and enjoys the occasional prank. His mind is awash with curiosity, and he often finds himself far from home, lost in the moment and wandering forth with bright, open eyes toward the sky.

He can be seen in both “feral” and “anthro” forms:

  • When drawn standing (or photographed at conventions), he stands about 6’-6”, including his ears, and has digitigrade legs. His forepaws have five fingers; his hindpaws are shaggy and have four toes each. Due to the legs, he is rarely seen with clothes, except for the aforementioned hat and unbuttoned shirt.
  • When drawn in “feral” form, he has the proportions of an average wolf, with natural legs of four digits each. His hind legs are still a bit shaggy.

Kuro and Kin  

Kuro and Kin are husky pups, and loving brother and sister. Kuro is the male, and is black; Kin is the female, a little smaller and golden in color. They share their markings: Their faces are white, coming up to a white point just between where their eyebrows would be, and coming in on either side to a black/gold point on either cheek (just where their muzzles begin). The white extends down across their chests, down between their calves, and ending to form white fluffy ends of their constantly curled, wagging tails. White forepaws reach up, cutting a diagonal from elbow to armpit, and their ears and toe tips are white as well. They have shining blue eyes, and perpetual smiles—always ready to cheer up whoever they meet.

As pups, Kuro and Kin are naturally curious, and get into trouble once in a while. When not pulling sleds or entertaining new friends, the two can be found playing in the snow—or anywhere else handy.


Tulver is an adult male snow leopard, with a white ruff on his head and pale teal eyes.

Tulver was made by Beetlecat.


Boulder is a male blue merle Australian Shepherd (named after the Boulder, CO ranch where the breed developed). He’s a little tricky, a little sneaky, and a lot of fun.

Boulder was made by Lacy and Nick of